See what satisfied customers are saying about their Weird Beard Candles:

  • "This candle was able to fill my kitchen with a rich cereal scent for five full hours, while only being lit for five minutes. Talk about return on investment!" 
  • "My favorite candles!! Everyone that comes to the house is amazed on how similar the scent is to Captain crunch!! Isn't my first time ordering these and definitely won't be the last!"
  • "Amazing--need to order more immediately" 
  • "If you're looking for a candle that legitimately smells like fruit loops, this is it!" 
  • "Um, wow. I was immediately taken back to childhood. This needs to come with a DVD of Tiny Toons :) Thank you!" 
  • "Bought this candle as a gift, the person who I gave it to absolutely loves it. The candles shipped shipped quickly and arrived in a timely manner. Thanks again." 
  • "Weird Beard has revitalized my faith in hand poured natural soy wax candles. They are the perfect gift for humanoids with an olfactory system. Three cheers and five stars for Weird Beard." 
  • "Fast shipping and nicely scented. Filled a large open basement with a subtle hint of mint juleps for a Derby party. Thanks!"
  • "The men in my life that love bacon, love you." 
  • "A rich chocolate scent that is way ahead of any other chocolate scented item I've encountered. Chocolate scents normally smell fake, but not this candle. It was so true to a real chocolate scent I debated taking a taste." 
  • "These candles are amazing and smell delicious, they will be the go to gift for everyone!!" 
  • "I burned this candle for the first time for about 6 hours, and my whole apartment smelled like freshly cooked bacon for a day and a half. This is the most delicious investment I've made in a long time." 
  • "I absolutely love candles and the candles from Weird Beard have quickly become my favorite. The fast shipping, the great scents and the clean burning all make these candles wonderful."