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And they're off!

It's almost time! This weekend kicks off the beginning of the race for the Triple Crown. Saturday, May 2nd is Derby Day! We'll be celebrating by tuning in with mint juleps in hand and Weird Beard Candle Co Derby Day candles burning.

Horse racing has always been a part of life for Mike. Growing up, his grandfather and aunt trained and raced horses. This meant childhood summers spent trackside, eating hot dogs and playing vintage arcade games (another nostalgic love of Mike's that we'll get into some other time).

When I met Mike, I had never been to a horse race, despite living most of my life within 50 miles of one of the most famous tracks in the country: Saratoga. The first summer we were together, he took me to the track for the first time, and I fell for it, hard. I'm not much of a gambler, but the atmosphere when a race goes off is electric.

We try to go to opening day and closing day at Saratoga every summer, and as often as we can in between the two. It doesn't officially feel like summer until the track opens at the end of July.

We talk about planning a trip to the Derby one of these years. We'll get there some day!

Have you ever been to a race? How about the Derby? What's your favorite part of spending the day at the track? 

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